July 24, 2011

true loves.

it's always satisfying when a music video really seems at one with the song it was made for, which explains why i'm so into "true loves" by hooray for earth.  it's a perfect combo.  enjoy!

July 18, 2011


sibling is a london-based knitwear company comprised of the very talented joe bates, sid bryan and cozette mccreary (my new favorite name by the way).  it's always exciting to see people taking a traditional craft like knitting and still finding ways to make it fresh and new, especially with a nod to old school british style in the process.  and i mean, there is a panda kiss sweater with sequins - these people can do no wrong as far as i'm concerned.  while the line is designed for men, i'd happily sport one of these sweaters with a skirt and combat boots any day!  learn more about sibling here

July 12, 2011

jewelry highlights.

the renegade craft fair is always chock full of amazing talent, and in the few moments i'm able to escape from my booth i can't help but notice the lovely jewelry selection at the fair.  some of my favorites were the vintage modern pieces from noble town vintage (i picked up the rhombus necklace), the intricate lasercut earrings from mollymdesigns, and the acrylic and brass necklaces from ermadid (i got a white acrylic fishbone version).  nice work ladies!

new prints!

now that the sf renegade craft fair has come and gone (and was awesome, despite the chilly weather), i can finally catch up on some much needed posting - including some of my new prints that are now up in my etsy shop.  there will be more on the way soon, including a 2012 calendar, more prints and friendship badges, and some exciting new accessories!  stay posted!