August 28, 2012

color study XXIX.

1. timex originals camper  2. hair and scalp tonic  3. the caravan mailbag  4. utility blouse  5. la sardina coyote  6. shagged filigree rug  7. marimba necklace  8. l.l.bean waxed canvas hunting shoe  9. 1970s camper's knife


today this cartoon by eleanor davis made me smile.  i love her unique watercolor comic style and the bizarre yet strangely heartwarming tale of a tiny man hidden inside another man's cut finger.  the rest of her work has an equally great hand and funny perspective, so check out more from her here.  

August 14, 2012

lydia shirreff.

today i'm loving lydia shirreff, an illustrator and paper artist based in london.  i'm really drawn to her vibrant and happy color sense, use of shapes and layering, and attention to detail no matter how small.  the collection of tiny 3D objects from her animal, vegetable, mineral exhibition is so simple and yet so pretty!  i wouldn't mind having these lined up on a shelf somewhere.  see more from lydia here.

August 3, 2012

dream bed.

someday when i win the lottery i can furnish my home with all of the items i've been adding to my dream list over the years, and my first purchase might have to be the mood rocking bed by joe manus for shiner international.  not only is it visually stunning, but it can also rock you to sleep! (note: stoppers are included in case you'd rather not move).  the bed has a steel frame construction and comes in a variety of wood finishes, but better yet - it is made here in the states in atlanta, georgia.  homegrown and beautiful!  see more here.

August 2, 2012


with all of the minimal, geometric jewelry out there at the moment, it's rather refreshing to see something a little less structured, and these pendants from brooklyn-based fort are definitely doing the trick.  the dripping, draped gold chains are reminiscent of knit fabric or chain mail, while the gems glow from the inside with a beautiful light.  i'm sure there is a method to the way they are knotted together, but i love that they seem slightly haphazardly assembled.  so pretty!  pick up your own piece of dripping gold here.