January 31, 2012

twenty seven names.

this isn't totally new, but i've just come across the fabulous winter 2011 campaign for new zealand apparel brand twenty seven names.  i was already a fan of their schoolgirl style, but i think this is a really clever, straightforward way to showcase their patterns - particularly that stripe which i am lusting after.  photographed by guy coombes.

in love ... with louise despont.

i'm in love with louise despont, a brooklyn-based illustrator who creates precision-perfect drawings done on gridded parchment paper.  while she originally began working on paper found in vintage ledger books from india, her work has grown in scale and scope since her early pieces, with her language of line, shape and pattern expanding in proportion to the size of her canvas.  i love how the content of her more recent works reflects the shift in size, with the newer pieces nodding to large pieces such as traditional rugs, kilims, and quilts. the compositions have a somewhat religious and psychedelic quality to them, and her obsession with intricately designing within a grid is reminiscent of artist eugene andolsek, who i posted on earlier.  keep the tradition alive louise.  learn more about her here.

January 25, 2012

vesta rocks.

i was catching up on perusing some of the spectacular images over at apod (nasa's astronomy picture of the day) that i missed during the busy holiday time and came across these photos that made my jaw drop.  what you see here are extremely thin slices of meteorites, mere millimeters long, that likely originate from 4 Vesta, an asteroid currently being studied by nasa.  i think the color, detail, and texture are stunning, and would translate beautifully into textiles (digitally printed dress - yes please!). be sure to check out more here - every day there's something good.

January 23, 2012


rather than try to pronounce this mouthful of a name, i'm just going to say "mmm, pretty" to these digitally printed silk scarves by lyon-based milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre, a collaboration between amelie charroin and marie colin-madan.  the name, the long way of spelling 1984 in french, is the year of their births.  i love the massive size, and the way the slightly surrealist, abstract compositions dissolve into soft color as they drape on the body.  they have a range of stunning patterns, so see more here

January 20, 2012

jonathan saunders.

i'm really loving the pre-fall line that jonathan saunders showed this week, with its shades of turqs, oranges, yellows, grays and maroons.  i'm a big fan of the retro interiors-inspired patterns and '60s schoolgirl silhouettes. and that orange dress?  to die for. see more from the designer here.

etta james.

one of the most talented vocalists of our time, miss etta james, has died today at the age of 73.  i can still remember the first time i heard her voice and it sent chills up my spine, and years and endless listenings later her voice is still as timeless and powerful as ever.  we were lucky to have had her.  RIP etta, you were a real class act.