December 31, 2012

two thousand thirteen.

it's kind of hard to believe that another year has gone by, but here we are about to enter 2013!  future times, i tell you.  i've never been a big new year's eve person, so i'll likely be catching a twilight zone or walking dead marathon at home, but whatever you find yourself doing i hope you have a safe and happy new year! 

December 14, 2012

the holidays ... in black and white.

1. pave moon necklace  2. schoolhouse electric black dot mug  3. blouse with bow print  4. zigzag leather gloves  5. stendig 2013 calendar  6. areaware iphone alarm clock  7.  brass works booties  8. moon diamond print  9. pendleton canyonville tote

letting go of ghosts.

i've been hooked on the latest album from bat for lashes, the haunted man.  this video, which includes plenty of cuts from the new album, is a lovely insight into the person and the process behind the band, natasha khan.  love this girl, and love that voice.

the fly.

three thousand nine hundred fifty - if i had that many extra dollars to kill , this is what i might spend it on.  an english victorian insect ring made of emeralds, ruby and diamonds that longs to fly itself over and land on my finger, from the perpetually covetable erie basin.  and here i thought i didn't like bugs. 

December 13, 2012

best frends.

headphones - what's the first word that comes to your mind?  i'm going to go ahead and guess that the word you chose is probably not "sexy."  i've been thinking about headphones more lately since my wire-loving kitties have now gnawed through several pairs of the things, and while some styles can be cool, they're often lacking a feminine touch (nor do they fit a feminine head).  the brand frends, however, have created some seriously chic, classy, and downright good-looking headphones that any girl would be proud to wear.  i love the white/metal combo which goes with anything, and the clean lines and delicate shape make them modern and fuss-free.  now the real question is, do cats like the way the cords taste?  see more from frends here.

November 24, 2012

chocolate mill.

if you are a chocolate lover like me, then even the smallest bit of the sweet stuff will get my attention.  however, if you take chocolate, craft it into a gigantic wheel consisting of layer upon layer of intricate and beautiful geometric patterns that get revealed slowly with each turn of a giant mill, then i'm not going to be able to look away (or stop drooling).  the chocolate mill was created by dutch studio wieki somers in collaboration with chocolatier rafael mutter for an exhibition at the vitra design museum.  not to be missed is the truly mesmerizing and mouth-watering video of the chocolate mill in action here.  now where do i get my own?

November 8, 2012

a good day for a fixa.

bikes are awesome.  they are cheap, efficient, perfect for the city, and most important they are just plain fun to ride.  bikes deserve to be put on a pedestal - and with the fixa bike shelf, you can do that quite literally.  handcrafted in latvia by chrome ltd, the fixa is a clever creation of bike rack, drawer, and shelf in one.  each birch shelf has a secret compartment that pivots open for you to keep your trinkets inside, and the wall mount design is perfect for small living spaces where floor space is a precious commodity. officially added to my christmas list.  get your fixa here.

November 6, 2012


election day is finally here!  put on your finest voting gear and make your voice heard!  as much as i look forward to hearing the results tonight, i'll also be relieved when the nonstop campaigning, attack ads, and endless news coverage is over.  may (who i think is) the best man win!

November 4, 2012

paper birds.

i'm loving these paper-craft bird sculptures by colombian artist diana beltran herrera, who clearly has a way with detail and texture (and mad cutting skills).  the faces of the birds are so expressive, the color is vibrant and fun, and they are elaborate enough that it feels as though they will come to life at any moment.  since the holidays are beginning to permeate my mind, i'm picturing a whole christmas tree filled with ornaments just like these....  see more from diana here.


anyone who has spent some time in a dorm room is probably familiar with the ubiquitous (and ugly) butterfly chair, a cheap and easy-to-assemble piece of furniture that lets you kick back after a long day.  while i never personally owned one, the nest chair by slovakian design studio allt feels like a much cooler, much comfier, much more sophisticated iteration of the same idea.  three laser-cut pieces of strand board easily slot together to form a sturdy base, while a fantastically oversized pillow tops it off.  i feel myself falling over already.  see more here.

color study XXX.

1.  erie basin 1920s art deco cocktail ring  2. love rocks bow collar necklace 3. confetti system diamond pinata  4. muuba biker jacket  5. shakuhachi split oxfords  6. victorian hare bust  7. beauty in little things banner  8. sequined fairisle pillow  9. silvered writing desk

October 12, 2012


i'll be traveling for the next two weeks to three places that i've never been before:  vietnam, cambodia, and japan.  it will be a bit of a whirlwind but i'm completely and utterly excited.  needless to say i'll be a little out of touch with the internets, but i can't wait to share lots of inspiration when i return!  xo, bird

October 9, 2012


i'm not normally a fan of glass-top dining tables for a number of reasons:  they are impossible to keep clean, are prone to breakage or crackage due to my clumsiness, and you can see through to everybody's legs and feet while you eat.  i am not sure why this bothers me, but it does.  however, i might be willing to make one exception to my rule for the ponte table by strala, since the glass top would allow me a view to the gorgeous wood frame below.  the solid oak base is impeccably constructed, and my favorite detail is the way those pieces come together at perfect points to support the table.  now that's one pair of legs i don't mind staring at while i eat.  see more here.

October 8, 2012

latest from leif.

damn you leif, for continually adding new products that tempt my wallet and challenge me to find room for yet another box, trinket, or colorful doodah in my home.  but how can i resist when everything they have is so lovely?  perhaps i don't have to...

1.  santa fe table runner  2. birch twig taper candles  3. knitwear necklace  4. geo lacquer boxes  5. pyrite studs  6. horn coasters

you're just my type, lee jung.

seoul based photographer lee jung is just my type, and her project aporia is both visually striking and incredibly moving.  in greek, aporia means "coming to a dead end," or "impassable," which i think is a fitting title for the project.  she uses traditional neon signs to create phrases that speak about love and longing, but places them in quiet, isolated places, as if to send a meaningful message that nobody is there to receive.  i find them to be both beautiful and lonely at the same time.  see more from lee here

September 8, 2012

the curiosity shoppe.

tomorrow is going to be an exciting day, and not just because it's still the weekend.  tomorrow, september 9th, target will debut a collection from one of my favorite shops in both san francisco and the world - the curiosity shoppe!  ever since they opened on valencia street it has been my go-to for inspiration, art openings, gifts for friends and family, and personal splurges.  their collection for the mass retailer includes an array of arrows, maps, woodgrain, camping, and shades of teal, mustard, and orange - now these are people after my own heart.  their line even reminds me of my camp invitations!  while i may not brave the throngs in store this time, i'll definitely be making a dent online.  congrats to the curiosity shoppe, you've done our neighborhood proud!  check out more at target here.

August 28, 2012

color study XXIX.

1. timex originals camper  2. hair and scalp tonic  3. the caravan mailbag  4. utility blouse  5. la sardina coyote  6. shagged filigree rug  7. marimba necklace  8. l.l.bean waxed canvas hunting shoe  9. 1970s camper's knife


today this cartoon by eleanor davis made me smile.  i love her unique watercolor comic style and the bizarre yet strangely heartwarming tale of a tiny man hidden inside another man's cut finger.  the rest of her work has an equally great hand and funny perspective, so check out more from her here.  

August 14, 2012

lydia shirreff.

today i'm loving lydia shirreff, an illustrator and paper artist based in london.  i'm really drawn to her vibrant and happy color sense, use of shapes and layering, and attention to detail no matter how small.  the collection of tiny 3D objects from her animal, vegetable, mineral exhibition is so simple and yet so pretty!  i wouldn't mind having these lined up on a shelf somewhere.  see more from lydia here.

August 3, 2012

dream bed.

someday when i win the lottery i can furnish my home with all of the items i've been adding to my dream list over the years, and my first purchase might have to be the mood rocking bed by joe manus for shiner international.  not only is it visually stunning, but it can also rock you to sleep! (note: stoppers are included in case you'd rather not move).  the bed has a steel frame construction and comes in a variety of wood finishes, but better yet - it is made here in the states in atlanta, georgia.  homegrown and beautiful!  see more here.

August 2, 2012


with all of the minimal, geometric jewelry out there at the moment, it's rather refreshing to see something a little less structured, and these pendants from brooklyn-based fort are definitely doing the trick.  the dripping, draped gold chains are reminiscent of knit fabric or chain mail, while the gems glow from the inside with a beautiful light.  i'm sure there is a method to the way they are knotted together, but i love that they seem slightly haphazardly assembled.  so pretty!  pick up your own piece of dripping gold here.