April 30, 2013

kokeshi matches.

if there is one thing the japanese understand, it's that everything is better with a face on it.  cell phones, bags of chips, street signs, ATM machines, toilet seats, toilet paper, and naturally, matches.  these adorable kokeshi matches take a very ordinary household item to the next level with their extremely small, extremely cute stamped match tips.  because why not?  see them all here.

only god forgives.

ryan gosling: check. nicolas winding refn, the director of drive: check.  the thai criminal underworld, a smack of david lynch weirdness, and what promises to be another amazing soundtrack.  i can't even pretend i'm not marking the days down on my calendar. 

update:  this movie was a rough one.  if you watch just the trailer, you're better off! 

April 28, 2013


when i was in texas last month visiting my friend kristen, we made a point to go to the nearby petroleum museum (i know, how could one resist?) to see their vast and impressive mineral collection.  i think i took about a hundred photos, but i pulled my favorite detail shots to share here with you.  enjoy!

joanne arnett.

one of my favorite classes while studying for my degree in textiles was jacquard - the behemoth of a weaving machine that truly amazed me each time i had a chance to see my patterns come to life in an instant.  i think my appreciation for the complexity of these machines is what makes me so obsessed with these gorgeous woven portraits by artist joanne arnett.  using vintage mugshots, (which let's be honest, are already pretty cool in and of themselves) she creates oversized portraits that blend pattern mixing, bright color, and intricate weave patterns to create something completely new.  the pieces are woven with a mix of cotton and thin metallic wire which lends them a reflective, photographic quality that shifts with the viewer.  consider me impressed!  see more from joanne here. and thanks to erika for the tip!