August 21, 2011


i love these modern birdhouses by nathan danials (or burd-haus, as he calls them).  the bold, mid-century inspired shapes and bright colors mixed with the natural wood is the perfect combination to jazz up an outdoor space.  if i was a real bird, i'd be more than happy to call this home.  see more of nathan's work on his etsy shop here.

August 16, 2011

seeing spots.

pattie boyd and celia hammond 1965 <><><> brigitte bardot <><><> emma stone in marc jacobs <><><> bernard voita <><><> life magazine <><><> elle fanning <><><> tilly losch <><><> vogue 1965 <><><> hansel from basel tote <><><> unknown

August 12, 2011

color study X.

1. absinthe noir bar.  2. bear & son.  3. marais leopard slingback.  4. lemon liftoff blouse.  5. marel van den berg.  6. leather peter pan collar.  7. velvet underground & nico. 8. time to deco-rate clock.  9. atelier chesterfield.

anthony burrill.

anthony, i couldn't have said it better myself, really.  get your print here.


why is this the best thing i've ever seen or heard?  i don't know, but it is, and i can't stop watching it.  thanks to my buddy al for the tip, and to spike jonze and unkle for making it. 

gabriel dawe.

gabriel dawe is a mexican-canadian artist who has a special touch with textiles and embroidery, specifically with large-scale installations using thread and bold arrangements of color.  with one simple material, he completely transforms environments into unbelievable spaces that pull you into their world.  if only every place seemed so magical.  learn more about dawe here.

August 1, 2011

i'm in love ... with walter russell.

i'm in love with walter russell.  i'm not sure how i got this far without having heard of him, but after discovering some of his diagrams i knew i was hooked.  russell was a self-taught artist of all trades - proficient in sculpture, painting, drawing, and architecture - and from an early age developed a deeply spiritual approach to the world.  his cosmic view of the universe and later fascination with the sciences resulted in his unique take on natural phenomena such as light, waves, and magnets, and his studies are illustrated in great detail.  the color and quality of his diagrams are aesthetically beautiful, but to me the real beauty lies in the fact that they contain a deeper meaning.  for a long while, his work was locked away due to the advice of his friend nikola tesla, who advised him that the world wasn't yet mature enough for his ideas.  he has a truly fascinating background and story, and a massive collection to go with it - learn more here

meredith wendell.

the meredith wendell spring and summer lookbook has gorgeous photos chock full of vibrant color, high-slitted palazzo pants, and retro floral patterns.  the styling is kooky and fun, and that green leafy wallpaper is screaming golden girls in a way that i am very okay with.  oh yeah, and the bags are pretty nice too.