August 1, 2011

i'm in love ... with walter russell.

i'm in love with walter russell.  i'm not sure how i got this far without having heard of him, but after discovering some of his diagrams i knew i was hooked.  russell was a self-taught artist of all trades - proficient in sculpture, painting, drawing, and architecture - and from an early age developed a deeply spiritual approach to the world.  his cosmic view of the universe and later fascination with the sciences resulted in his unique take on natural phenomena such as light, waves, and magnets, and his studies are illustrated in great detail.  the color and quality of his diagrams are aesthetically beautiful, but to me the real beauty lies in the fact that they contain a deeper meaning.  for a long while, his work was locked away due to the advice of his friend nikola tesla, who advised him that the world wasn't yet mature enough for his ideas.  he has a truly fascinating background and story, and a massive collection to go with it - learn more here

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  1. Walter Russell was also a physicist and a mathematician... a polymath in other words. It's wonderful to see people still discovering and enjoying his work. If you love Walter Russell then you would probably love sacred geometry too, Google it.

    PS. Your blog is gorgeous, both in writing and in image.