April 30, 2012

lucky peach.

i love food.  like, love love food.  so when i can not only eat it, cook it, think about it, and look at it, but also read interesting articles about it, then i'm as happy as a clam.  the new quarterly publication lucky peach takes the culinary genius of david chang (momofuku) and combines it with the literary genius of mcsweeneys, and the result is a really fresh and smart take on the world of food.  whereas most cooking-related magazines usually take a glossier approach to things (and i find, can get repetitive), i appreciate how lucky peach reflects the grittier, snarkier side of the kitchen.  also, the covers, illustration, and photography are great.  check it out on your newsstands or get it online here.

francoise hardy.

if only we could all be this cool.  french songstress and fashion icon francoise hardy has long been a girl crush of mine, with her long brown hair, perfectly swooped cateyes, effortless style and killer voice.  and those lush bangs!  i'm reaching for the scissors right now.

April 29, 2012


<><><> when the weather gets hot, it's time to get see-through! <><><>  1. kate spade sunny hills ellie  2. zara vinyl upper sandal  3. freepeople printed lace raincoat  4. dior addict lip polish  5. bkr water bottle  6. m83 hurry up we're dreaming vinyl  7. anthropologie pellucid shades  8. cb2 glass beverage dispenser. 

dream kitchen.

wow.  let's just sit for a minute and process that this is a stovetop.  and by the looks of it this is no ordinary stovetop.  this item comes from french culinary house la cornue, and their w series designed by jean michel wilmotte really takes everyday appliances to a whole new level by styling it as a vintage mid-century piece of furniture rather than the traditional clunker.  i think i'm in love.  see more badass stoves and learn about the heritage of la cornue here

a due colori.

these otherworldly images are the work of italian artist alberto seveso, and his project a due colori is a beautiful study in color and form.  he takes high speed photos of ink mixing with water and the results are soft, ethereal creations that seem to take on a life of their own.  i love how they almost seem to read as knotted up bundles of dip-dyed fabric!  see more of his work here. 

April 15, 2012

weight vases.

when you're a clutz like me, you sometimes tend to avoid spending money on nice things that look fragile and have the potential to be knocked over at any moment.  not the case with these weight vases by decha archjananun.  he takes the basic properties of a vase and deconstructs them into a new, simple form - cast concrete bases held in place by delicate laser-cut steel frames.  i love the balance between the two materials, and i know for sure that i can't break it!  see more here.

in love ... with chris silas neal.

i'm in love with texas-born, brooklyn-based illustrator and designer chris silas neal.  chris seems to be a man of many talents, as his work ranges between painting, illustration, video, editorial, and book design, and despite the often commercial nature of his projects they still retain a unique and personal hand.  i particularly like his sense of color, attention to characters, and hand-drawn typography, all with a modern but slightly retro-inspired vibe.  also, he did the fantastic design for the kate spade video campaign, navy, seen above.  consider me a fan!  learn more about chris here.

a good day for a cuppa.

i'm definitely not what you would call a morning person, and i'm certainly not functional until i have my first cup of coffee.  but i'm thinking i could get a little more motivated to hop out of bed if i knew these spectacular teacups were awaiting me.  the designer is bethan laura wood of wood london, and her project stain focuses on the idea of a product improving rather than deteriorating over time - in this case, with each use a pattern emerges more and more based on areas where the cup has been glazed.  so lovely!  see more of her fantastic work here.

April 14, 2012

celentano woodworks.

just because i don't have a shred of musical talent doesn't mean i can't daydream about jamming out like everyone else, and these custom hand-made pieces by celentano woodworks are right up my alley.  i especially love the color and sweet shape of the heart one.  and need i point out there's a ukelele with a cat for the sound hole? (i believe that's the technical term.)  dare i call it - a mew-kelele?  i do.  see more of celentano's fine handiwork here.

color study XXI.

1. jagger edge floral leather iphone cover  2. paul & joe purr-fect face and eye color  3. wildflower ice cubes 4. nomad about you boot  5. whistles wildflower shift  6. lisa rupp tea towel  7. citizens of humanity floral thompson  8. uo round floral sunglasses  9. amelie sofa

April 12, 2012

shy light.

living in a tall loft has its pluses and minuses.  it gets great light, feels open and airy, and there's plenty of room to do jumping jacks, but when it comes to the ceiling, i can't reach it let alone think of hanging things from it - like awesome chandeliers. but if i had the right space, this SHY light by bec brittain would be my lamp of choice.  i love how it "uses the spare beauty of thin LED tubes to define the edges of its shape; in this way the function of the piece is created by its form, and vice-versa." the construction of the light also allows it to be configured in any manner of ways.  now i just need a really tall ladder.  see more from bec brittain here

April 11, 2012

alba prat.

alba prat is a spanish fashion designer whose pieces from her recent "neon cold war" lookbook have really caught my eye.  i love the workwear aesthetic on its own, but it's always nice to see something old updated with a little something new.  those shoes with the neon piecing are to die for!  learn more here.

April 10, 2012


what i love about searching through the art & antiques site 1stdibs is that every now and then you come across an item that leaves you totally flabbergasted.  sometimes i look for inspiration and sometimes i look for fun, and today my moment of astonishment happened with this drop dead gorgeous medieval stirrup ring.  made purely of gold and sapphire, this gothic ring dates all the way back to the 13th or 14th century(!) when it was likely worn by bishops alone.  the unusual shape, the rustic engravings, and the peculiar setting of the stone completely intrigue me.  it's uh, not exactly in the range for purchase, if you check the price, but even after all this time it serves as wonderful inspiration and a great bit of history.  check it out here.