June 27, 2011

pattie boyd.

feeling inspired by pattie boyd - british model, 60s icon, wife of a beatle - her bouncy blonde locks and good-girl looks still seem just as fresh today as they did half a century ago.  

book lust.

i'm currently experiencing some book lust over these new editions of kafka designed by pantheon art director peter mendelsund.  it's always refreshing to see my old favorites updated (a la coralie bickford-smith), and i love what the bright color and simple graphics bring to these covers.  the uniting symbol of the eye is perfect for kafka, who was so interested in introspection, and the color is a nod to the humor and absurdity found in much of his work. in addition, the font is based off of kafka's own handwriting - a lovely counterpart to the bold graphics.  stack them up in rainbow order and i'm happy.  get yours here.

June 26, 2011

a good day for a new rug.

it's getting to be that time when i could use a rug refresh in my apartment, and these plastic anna rugs by brita sweden might be just the thing i need to spruce up the kitchen or bathroom.  for a klutzy person like myself, it's important that i have a rug i can rinse off, but it's more important that it looks good while doing it.  and with the simple geometric designs and bright, happy colors, these will do just the trick.  find more at huset

in love ... with michael wesely.

german photographer michael wesely is well-known for his long-exposure photography, with some of his photos lasting as long as three years.  since the camera remains stationary for the duration of the exposure, it catches every moment that passes in that time, and the layers and layers of information add up to create something that seems ghostly, almost magical.  i love how you feel yourself experiencing each moment in time, all at once.  some of his more notable work documents the construction of the moma in NY (first two) as well as the potzdamer platz in berlin (next two), but he also does shorter exposures with other subjects that still create a stunning effect.  i would love to see more with even longer exposures!

June 25, 2011

two week countdown.

today marks the official 2 week countdown to the san francisco renegade craft fair!   it's my second year doing the summer fair and i can't wait to do it again - last year it was so much fun, filled with so many talented and enthusiastic people whose work i can't wait to see more of.  if you're in town, come to fort mason on the weekend of july 9th and 10th and stop by my booth to say hi!

June 22, 2011

america, f yeah.

yesterday was the first day of summer (finally!) which means that the 4th of july is right around the corner.  thanks to one of my favorite online vintage stores ethanollie, i'm completely ready to celebrate the holiday in style.  american eagles, stars and stripes, fighter planes, army blankets, and wwII aviator helmets - i don't think it can get much better than that.  maybe a fresh slice of apple pie.  and if i don't buy that helmet, somebody needs to.  see all of ethanollie's goodies on etsy here.

June 21, 2011


aside from werner herzog's cave of forgotten dreams, there is one other documentary i've seen in recent history that completely blew me away: marwencol.  the film is about a man named mark hogancamp, who after being savagely beaten outside of a bar learns to deal with his trauma and memory loss by escaping into his fantasy world, a small WWII-era town that he built and photographed himself.  this movie was incredibly heartbreaking, moving, and inspiring all at the same time, and you'd be missing out if you let it pass you by.  learn more about mark and the magical world of marwencol here.

you're just my type, darren booth.

canadian illustrator and typographer darren booth is just my type.  both his freelance and commercial work with type is very refined, but also maintains a lovely hand-drawn quality that lends his work a personality all his own.  i especially love the way he layers color with texture and pattern, giving each piece rich dimension.  aside from his great type work, darren's other illustrations and portraits are just as impressive!  learn more about darren here

June 13, 2011

a diamond in the roughage.

if you missed the latest issue of the new york times magazine, then you missed a beautiful jewelry spread photographed by richard burbridge and styled by robbie spencer.  but lucky for you i'm featuring a few of my favorite shots right here!  the color, the crisp vibrancy of the plants, the way the pieces get entangled in it all - it's lovely. and makes me long for steamy weather and sparkling jewels. 

andrea walsh.

uk artist andrea walsh is the creator behind these gorgeous faceted boxes that mix together glass, bone china, and gold to stunning effect.  each piece is polished and finished by hand, so each box is unique.  what a gem. see more of her work here

in love ... with eugene andolsek.

i'm in love with eugene andolsek.  born in 1921, andolsek didn't start drawing until the 1950s when he needed an escape from a job that he didn't like as a stenographer for the railroad.  in the evenings he would compose his drawings at his kitchen table, and with some graph paper, a compass and a straight edge, he created these incredibly intricate works of art.  during his life he never considered himself an artist, but i think that these pieces prove otherwise.  see more of his work at the american primitive gallery here

June 8, 2011


now that my hair is finally longer, i'd like to start actually doing something with it, and i'm loving all the loose asymmetrical braids that i'm seeing out there.  it's such an easy and stylish way of looking put together but without being too fussy.  the only question is, how do i do this to myself?

June 1, 2011

you're just my type.

the always amazing house industries and the timeless mid-century potter heath ceramics have teamed up to create the superpower that is: heath house numbers. these incredible tiles showcase the neutra and eames fonts that house is so well known for, and in turn the shapes of the numbers are the perfect vehicle to highlight the bright color and beautiful craftsmanship of the tile.  i feel like buying a house just so i have something to put these on.  available tomorrow here

caravan hotel.

the huttenpalast hotel in berlin is right up my alley - or rather, campsite.  an old vacuum-factory has been ingeniously renovated into an open-air style hotel with a series of caravans that you can rent for the night.  each one is unique and they all look cozy.  apparently the concept is designed for budget accommodations, but i'm pretty sure i would still want to stay here even if i had a ton of money to drop.  seriously, how amazing is this place?  in the words of liz lemon - "i want to go to there."  see more here