March 19, 2013

note to self.

courtesy of olivia steele. 

jason molina.

this weekend was a sad one.  on saturday we lost jason molina of songs: ohia, a prolific folk musician with a bit of a beaten soul, to a long struggle with alcohol.  i can still remember the first time i saw him play in 2000, in a tiny room in bloomington, indiana after he had released his album the lioness.  there were no more than 70 people there, so it was pretty intimate, and his emotional presence was so palpable while playing that people were frozen in place.  his voice made you hold your breath and your heart drop into your stomach, it was so pure and sad and sincere.  since he was the backdrop for much of my formative adult life (and still is), this is a tough one to let go.  RIP jason, you will be missed.