December 20, 2011

friend of mine.

well hello there friend of mine.  when it comes to shoes, i'm usually more of a basics kind of girl, but every now and then i love to introduce a little crazy into the mix.  somehow these claw boots from friend of mine are the perfect combo - business in the front, party in the back - and by party i obviously mean giant golden talons.  get them from need supply here.

color study XV.

1. vanity fair book  2. irene neuwirth pink opal triangle earrings  3. d&g rubber watch  4. dreamcats calendar  5. anita fur jacket  6. studionostalgia pink oxfords  7. essie ballet slippers  8. miette cookbook  9. emilie lindsten  10. nelliana moth origami lampshade

note to self.

simple words of wisdom, courtesy of swiss artists fischli & weiss on an office building in zurich-oerlikon.

in love ... with escif.

i'm in love with escif, a street artist based in valencia, spain, whose highly illustrative style puts him more into the category of mexican muralists than it does of classic graffiti.  his striking use of muted color, black space, composition, and repeating symbols and characters becomes so recognizable that his work itself becomes his tag.  no matter how big or small, his style undeniably comes through.  what i love most about his paintings are how simple and restrained they are while having such a powerful impact on the space in which they inhabit, each one evoking a mood that is open to interpretation by the viewer.  he has more amazing work than i can begin to cover here, so check out his full collection of paintings on his flickr page.  i'm dying to go to valencia now just to experience all of these in person! 

December 6, 2011

plastic baskets.

i am loving these plastic baskets by artist josh blackwell, who transforms a seemingly disposable object into a work of art by embroidering intricate patterns using other waste materials.  the result is both beautiful and unexpected!  learn more about josh here.


i was first given the taste for backgammon at the tender age of 5, when one our neighbors who babysat me discovered that it was the best way to keep me distracted.  my love for the game remains strong, but this pheasant board by alexandra llewelyn might be a slightly more sophisticated version than the one i grew up on, with a walnut case and hand lacquered finishes.  see more from her collection here.