January 18, 2013

meow mix.

just the other day i was looking into my closet and that's when i realized i may officially have a problem with printed shirts - i have many of them - florals, dots, stripes, and oftentimes some that are covered in tiny animals.  much to my dismay and horror, i realized that i am completely lacking in the cat print department.  that's where fellow illustrator and seeming cat aficionado leah goren comes in.  her scarves and simple tops feature her hand-drawn illustrations (a mix of old and new, above) which oftentimes end up being some version of a feline friend.  i love her loose, illustrative style that walks the line between playful and sophisticated, and i'd be happy to have any of these cats, panthers, or other furry creatures join the rest of the gang in my closet.  see more of leah's very lovely work here

January 6, 2013

two-wheel dreams.

one of my resolutions for 2013 is being honest with myself about what things i do and do not use in my life, and letting go of the things that fall into the latter category. sadly, this includes my current bike, the hot little aqua number known as the fuji feather.  it's beautiful.  but, i have to be honest, it's just not comfortable for commuting to work and it hasn't gotten enough use to justify its presence in my hallway.  so i'm trading my little feather in for something that is equally stylish but a little more practical for my everyday life.  in the search for my new two-wheeled companion i came across the jaw-droppingly stunning copper bicycle by dutch company (no surprise there) van heesch.  every single piece of metal on this bike is copper-plated, which makes for a gorgeous bike now, but i can only imagine how cool the thing will look after a few years of use when it's covered with that mossy patina.  now, do i plan on dropping $6,000 for a bike?  hell no, that's crazy. but admiring it from afar seems like a very reasonable resolution to keep.  see more from van heesch here.

January 1, 2013


as we prepare to enter the year of the snake, i thought it would be appropriate to revisit some of what are not just my favorite snake images of all time, but also just one of my favorite photographic series in general.  serpens is the study by french photographer guido mocafico that highlights the gorgeous colors, textures, and shapes found in our controversial reptilian friends.  i have never been one of those people that completely loves or hates snakes.  however, while i truly appreciate their immense beauty and strength, i don't necessarily need them to be anywhere close to me either.  so thank you guido, for letting me get up close and personal with these creatures without having to actually get up close and personal.  see more of his fabulous work here