February 24, 2013

block shop textiles.

when i began studying textiles back in college, the very first thing we learned about in print class was the block printing method, one of the oldest and most direct methods of creating a pattern on fabric.  as long as you have a piece of wood that you can carve, some dye, and some cloth, then you're in business. the company block shop textiles, run by sisters lily and hopie stockman, is a textile company based in bagru, india that embraces and supports old school hand block printing - they work with a family of master printers who have been at it for hundreds of years.  each scarf design is stamped onto a cotton-silk blend with all natural dyes and pigments, so each one is unique.  while i'm bummed that everything on their site is currently sold out, i'm hoping they refresh soon so i can scoop up one of these gorgeous pieces of handiwork for myself!  learn more about block shop here.

February 17, 2013

new york drawings.

i recently got this very cool book:  new york drawings, which features the illustrations of graphic artist adrian tomine for the new yorker magazine.  i've been a huge fan of tomine for years.  from his comic book series optic nerve to his graphic novels like shortcomings (one of my personal favorites), his attention to detail, clean line quality, compositions, and color choices always make a lasting impact.  whether you know tomine or not, do yourself a favor and get your own copy here!

the birds.

naturally, i need this backpack by herschel supply co.  perfect for a day hike up in the marin headlands where i can convene with my feathered brethren. 


i just came across this beautiful piece of pottery - the kora vase, designed by studiopepe for spotti edizioni.  at first i was drawn to the asymmetrical graphic angles, and then i began finding it more playful as i imagined it to be a funny little lady with her arms on her hips (see it now?).  though i love the way all the colors look together, the pink ombre one at the top is definitely my favorite - it would look so gorgeous with a giant summery floral arrangement sprouting out the top!  see more from studiopepe here.

February 11, 2013

anna karina.

there are some girls in this world who just have a certain special something going on, and for me that has always been the danish actress, anna karina.  best known as the muse of french director jean luc godard, she exemplifies french new wave cool with her chunky bangs, winged eyeliner, colorful dresses and quirky personality. if you've watched her, you know she's hard to take your eyes off of.  she's also the star of one of my all-time favorite dance scenes, from godard's band of outsiders.  

mara hoffman.

the lastest runway show by new york based designer mara hoffman has me adding things to my fantasy wishlists left and right.  hoffman, of the ubiquitous tribal-patterned bikinis that seemed to be everywhere last summer, is not afraid of a little color (hello neon pink) and a lot of pattern (hello again, psychedelic peacock print).  i enjoyed the whole collection, filled with party sweaters, party dresses, and party pants for any girl who doesn't mind a little attention.  see more from her here.

February 10, 2013


i'm having some serious building love with this church mural installation by atlanta-based artist hense (real name: alex brewer), a graffiti-turned-contemporary artist who is transforming neighborhoods one building at a time.  as part of a private commission in washington dc, hense used a historic church as an extremely oversized canvas for his colorful, abstract compositions.  his shapes are textures are gestural, leaving meaning up for interpretation, while the vibrant hues create a playful mood.  living in the mission district in san francisco, one of the most heavily-muraled places i've seen, i know what a positive impact these public pieces of art can have on a community and its people, so it makes me happy to know that somebody else is spreading the love on such a large scale!  learn more about hense here