May 31, 2011

in love ... with anni albers.

i'm in love with anni albers.  as somebody who studied textiles, she has always been a constant source of inspiration for me.  anni was a leader in the bauhaus and one of the most prominent textile designers of the 20th century, best known for her woven wall hangings and later in life, her print design.  her sense of color, proportion, pattern and texture is just as relevant today as it was almost a century ago.  what can i say, she's a legend.  see more of her work here

May 26, 2011

May 24, 2011


i just got my new deth p. sun "flowers" print from tiny showcase today, and it's even prettier in person.  swoon.  can't wait to add it to my tiny collection.

kwangho lee.

kwangho lee is a korean artist of all trades who is responsible for these stunning cactus paintings.  that's right, paintings.  the large scale and high level of detail just makes you want to jump into the world he has created (not literally of course, that would be quite pokey).  and it doesn't hurt that he describes his work process like this: "I dream of producing my works like a farmer patiently waiting to harvest the rice in autumn after planting the seed in spring."  see more of his work here.

May 20, 2011

in love ... with oh land.

i'm in love with oh land, aka Nanna Øland Fabricius, a danish ballerina turned singer and songwriter.  in march she released her self-titled sophomore album, a strong follow-up to her debut fauna, lush poppy trip-hop layered with vintage-style crooning.  not only is she breathtakingly beautiful, but she has mad style and a voice that will stop you in your tracks.  it's official.  i'm in.  learn more about her (and her surprisingly similar youtube playlist to mine) here.

May 19, 2011

a good day for a mushroom hunt.

all the moisture and rain we've been having recently makes me think of things growing in the forest on trees.  these lovely mushroom images come straight from project gutenberg's "the mushroom, edible and otherwise" by m.e. hard. i love the texture and delicacy in each of these photos, revealing a more beautiful side to something we might consider mundane.  learn more about mushrooms here

May 17, 2011

you're just my type justin fuller.

justin fuller of pencil + paper is just my type.  he does a variety of work between illustration, print, web, and branding, but his fun and colorful typography is what i'm drawn to most.  for me his work strikes that delicate balance between polished and clean with a hand-drawn feel.  check out more of his work here.

May 16, 2011

andy gilmore.

love these bold, geometric images by illustrator and musician andy gilmore, whose work explores sound and light in a visual format.  aside from the bright color which i am always drawn to, they are very evocative when put into the context of music and sound - i can really hear what each image would sound like if played.  and that sounds good to me.  check out more of his work here.

May 14, 2011

california sunrise.

it's chilly and gray in san francisco today, but this song by dirty gold makes me long for summer weather.  for now i'll close my eyes, imagine the sun on my face, and get lost in this tune instead.  

in love ... with aj fosik.

i'm in love with aj fosik.  this isn't a new love, but one that persists all the same.  fosik is a detroit born boy who constructs painstakingly intricate 3-d sculptures using handcrafted wood pieces and vibrantly colored paint - the result is stunningly weird in a way which i truly love.  it's taxidermy meets folk art meets soul creatures.  and now i think i've found mine.  see more of his work at the jonathan levine gallery here.

a good day for a trip to the met.

if i lived in new york, i would be on my way to the alexander mcqueen exhibition "savage beauty" that opened at the metropolitan museum of art last week, which celebrates the extraordinary body of work from the late designer.  it's truly incredible how much he was able to create in his 19-year career, pushing the boundaries of fashion the entire time.  dying to see it in person, but until i find my way there, i'll have to settle for the book instead!  photos by Sølve Sundsbø care of the met website.  learn more about the exhibit here.

May 11, 2011

color study IV.

1. cc skye vixen gold pave spike earrings.  2. junghans table clock.  3. the curiosity shoppe bike bell.  4. reem acra s/s11 gold dress.  5. seb lester stars print.   6. beetle and flor porcelain beaver skull.  7. bhldn pippa brogue.  8. photo of gold crystals by alchemist hp.  9. flappers and philsophers.

you're just my type.

these sweater letters by maricor/maricar are just my type.  embroidery, typography, pattern, and bright color all combined in one?  i'm sold.  now all i need is one on a letter jacket with patterned sleeves and i'm ready to go.  see more of their impressive portfolio here.

cave of forgotten dreams.

i cannot wait to see this!  werner, you never do me wrong.

May 9, 2011

black & white stripes.

clemence poesy in french vogue <><><> vintage horsehair earrings by dollybirddesign <><><> fiat strada by patricia van lubeck 1990 <><><> rib & hull striped tokyo tote <><><> sessun stripe shorts <><><> brigitte bardot <><><> wisteria bridal rug sofa <><><> stripes in deauville by rene maltete

mama bird.

happy mother's day to my mom, the smartest, most beautiful, most generous person i know.  thanks for always being there for me and for being the best mama bird a girl could ever hope for! xoxo.

May 6, 2011

in love with ... natsumi hayashi.

i'm in love with natsumi hayashi.  she is the woman behind yowayowa camera woman diary, a photo blog that features spectacular pictures of herself levitating with urban tokyo as her backdrop.  natsumi's attention to color and dynamic poses make her look like she walked straight out of a japanese martial arts film - only sweeter.  it's hard to imagine her with her feet on the ground, and i like it that way.