December 31, 2013

mutual benefit.

A beautiful song from one of my favorite albums of the year.  So good.  Check out Love's Crushing Diamond by Mutual Benefit if you haven't already. 

color study XXXIV.

1. denim polo hat  2. chanel les jeans blue boy nail polish  3. nanushka lollo quilt coat  4. jenna rose handmade tote  5. indigo by jenny balfour-paul  6. pottery barn polka dot napkins  7. marais open oxford denim  8. purlbee denim pinwheel quilt

santiago salvador.

What better way to start 2014 than in a playful mood?  Let's kick off the new year with the delightful work of Chilean artist Santiago Salvador, whose powerfully simple portraits are fantastic studies in composition and color.  His application of paint is judicious, but it pays off!  He loves repetition, and I appreciate that he pushes that even further in the paintings where he creates true patterns out of his colorful characters.  And something about the way his people move always makes me smile.  The year is off to a good start!  See more of Santiago's amazing work here.

brook & lyn.

One of my many loves as a textile junkie are woven wall hangings - there is something so simple and humble about them, yet the possibilities for creativity are endless. Within the parameters of a few inches of yarn, any manner of color combinations, patterns, and texture changes can be made.  I find these weavings by Brook & Lyn, the work of partners Mimi Jung and Brian Hurewitz, to be particularly stunning, hung delicately on copper rods and incorporating areas of heavy fringe.  They make me miss my days on the loom!  I would love to have some of these hanging in my apartment, but with two fiesty cats it would be more likely to end up as the world's largest yarnball on the floor.  See more from Brook & Lyn here

orla kiely s/s 2014.

The new spring/summer 2014 show from London fashion house Orla Kiely is definitely getting me.  It's one part Suzy Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom, one part Anna Karina, and one part outdoor sock hop.  I always appreciate the retro-inspired, feminine details that she puts into all her pieces along with her signature patterns.  Clothing aside, I also love the styling of the set which is reminiscent of a natural history museum diorama.  Looks like it's time to buy a beret and some pointelle knee socks for my next safari.  See more from Orla Kiely here.

happy new year!

Happy New Year everyone!  Hard to believe that it's already 2014, but here's hoping that this year is going to be the best one yet.  Also, if you need to keep track of the coming year, it's not too late to get a 2014 wall calendar from my Etsy shop here

December 24, 2013

December 4, 2013

great italian motorbike display.

This video of Italian policemen putting on a motorbike display from the 1950s is pretty rad, and charming.  Impressive, gents!  I wonder if they still do this today... 

paul x johnson.

London-based artist Paul X. Johnson definitely has a way with the ladies - painting them, that is.  He uses a beautiful muted color palette to set the tone for his moody raven-haired vamps, who always seem to have something on their mind. Whatever that may be, they look good doing it, and his restrained technique with the brush really brings them to life.  I would kill to have a portrait done in his style! After I get my eyebrows done of course.  See more from Paul here.

stephen eichhorn's cats.

Cats.  Plants.  Put the two together.  I don't know why Chicago-based artist Stephen Eichhorn decided to collage felines with flora, but quite frankly I don't need any reason to enjoy these amazing portraits.  They are ridiculous and delightful!  Check out more from him here.  

catalina bu.

I just came across the quirky illustrations of artist Catalina Bustos Mendoza, aka catalinabu, who hails from Santiago Chile.  Everything in her work has such a sense of humor and playfulness, and I like that her quick and loose style shows that she doesn't over-think things too much.  Her characters in particular have such a funny quality about them, I can only imagine that she must be a cool girl to hang out with! You can see more of her work here, and her tumblr is pretty entertaining too. 

November 13, 2013

holiday cards!

Hooray - 2013 holiday cards are now up in my Etsy shop!  Hopefully there's a little something for everyone, from Christmas to Hanukkah to happy holiday animals (yep, that means a Santa cat).  Get them while they're hot here!

October 25, 2013

the grand budapest hotel.

The trailer was just released for Wes Anderson's next film, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and I could not be more excited.  Inevitably, any time he releases a new movie it becomes one of my favorites of the year (if not all time - I'm looking at you Royal Tenenbaums), and this one looks to be no different.   The film seems to cover the usual themes - murder, friendship, drama, romance - with the requisite absurdity and attention to detail and style that Anderson is known for.  Aside from what promises to be a stellar cast, story, and soundtrack, I'm loving the rich, jewel-toned colors too. Since it doesn't come out until March of next year, I now have to wait several months in anxious anticipation, but in the meantime I may have to pick up The Wes Anderson Collection to get my fix.  

nike / pendleton.

I'm excited to kick off my return to the blogosphere with a preview of the new collaboration between fashion powerhouse Nike and classic Oregon textile company Pendleton Woolen Mills.  The Nike N7 Holiday 13 Collection all started with a design for a gorgeous wool blanket - and while I'm normally more of a color girl, I love that they took a less traditional route and kept the palette tight in grays and black. Once complete, the blanket then inspired the other items - a his and hers tee, a windbreaker with tonal embroidery, and two sneakers with wool piecing - all incorporating the monochrome geo pattern in different ways.  Not only does the collection look good, but a portion of the blanket proceeds goes to the American Indian College Fund.  For now, my eyes are on those Air Force 1 Highs.  See more about the collaboration here.

i'm back!

After a bit of a long hiatus, I'm back to the blog!  Sometimes you just need a recharge and some time away from constant internetting, but I've been seeing a lot of amazing and inspiring things lately that I would love to share. So keep your eyes peeled for more art, type, fashion, music, movies, and color stories coming your way! Soon! 

image by ashley edwards via artnau.

April 30, 2013

kokeshi matches.

if there is one thing the japanese understand, it's that everything is better with a face on it.  cell phones, bags of chips, street signs, ATM machines, toilet seats, toilet paper, and naturally, matches.  these adorable kokeshi matches take a very ordinary household item to the next level with their extremely small, extremely cute stamped match tips.  because why not?  see them all here.

only god forgives.

ryan gosling: check. nicolas winding refn, the director of drive: check.  the thai criminal underworld, a smack of david lynch weirdness, and what promises to be another amazing soundtrack.  i can't even pretend i'm not marking the days down on my calendar. 

update:  this movie was a rough one.  if you watch just the trailer, you're better off! 

April 28, 2013


when i was in texas last month visiting my friend kristen, we made a point to go to the nearby petroleum museum (i know, how could one resist?) to see their vast and impressive mineral collection.  i think i took about a hundred photos, but i pulled my favorite detail shots to share here with you.  enjoy!