April 2, 2014

urban, part 2.

One more update on the prints I currently have at Urban Outfitters - a third print, all i need, is now for sale on their website, in a new larger 18"x 24" size.  Yet again, I love the way the print looks alongside their other awesome furniture and home decor items (particularly those fun hanging planters).  Check it out here!

March 19, 2014

autumn de wilde.

The warmer weather is making me crave a windows-down road trip in the country, and I think the perfect destination would be this installation by artist Autumn de Wilde called Lighting, Layers, and Reflections.  Surprisingly (and somewhat randomly), the installation was designed as a backdrop for a new Cadillac Escalade advertisement, but hey, I'll take it.  The combination of the vibrant color, soft sunny light, and the dusty California landscape is truly beautiful.  Now I just need to find out if it's still standing, and if so, where I can find it!  Learn more about Autumn here.


Even though I associate getting my ears pierced with being 10 years old and hanging out anxiously at Claire's in the mall, I can't help but wondering if it's worth adding to my four-gem collection 20 years later.  Lately I've been loving these pierced ears that have a smattering of dainty gold and diamond accents - both ladylike and cool at the same time.  Maybe I'll just start with one... or two... or three... 


Hey people!  Exciting news over here - I am thrilled to announce that I currently have a couple of my prints for sale at Urban Outfitters!  Now for sale on their website are twilight fox and anteloper, in a new larger 13"x 19" size, and I love the way they've styled the prints with their other home items. They're in a limited run, so snatch yours up while you can here and here

January 18, 2014

marble and wood.

These cutting boards, oh man.  Part marble, part mango wood, all parts awesome.  A stunning approach to an everyday object!  Get 'em at terrain here.

mikkaller beer.

I'm one of those people who usually picks out a new wine or beer because I like the label, even if I have no clue whether or not the contents are actually good.  Case in point: I was at the store the other day and got totally sucked in by the amazing labels by Belgian brewer Mikkaller.  I recognized the style and discovered that they are done by Philly-based artist Keith Shore who does a lot of other quirky and weird characters in his own work. The labels are colorful, funny, and they must have worked, because I got a bottle!  Learn more about Mikkaller and Keith.