October 12, 2012


i'll be traveling for the next two weeks to three places that i've never been before:  vietnam, cambodia, and japan.  it will be a bit of a whirlwind but i'm completely and utterly excited.  needless to say i'll be a little out of touch with the internets, but i can't wait to share lots of inspiration when i return!  xo, bird

October 9, 2012


i'm not normally a fan of glass-top dining tables for a number of reasons:  they are impossible to keep clean, are prone to breakage or crackage due to my clumsiness, and you can see through to everybody's legs and feet while you eat.  i am not sure why this bothers me, but it does.  however, i might be willing to make one exception to my rule for the ponte table by strala, since the glass top would allow me a view to the gorgeous wood frame below.  the solid oak base is impeccably constructed, and my favorite detail is the way those pieces come together at perfect points to support the table.  now that's one pair of legs i don't mind staring at while i eat.  see more here.

October 8, 2012

latest from leif.

damn you leif, for continually adding new products that tempt my wallet and challenge me to find room for yet another box, trinket, or colorful doodah in my home.  but how can i resist when everything they have is so lovely?  perhaps i don't have to...

1.  santa fe table runner  2. birch twig taper candles  3. knitwear necklace  4. geo lacquer boxes  5. pyrite studs  6. horn coasters

you're just my type, lee jung.

seoul based photographer lee jung is just my type, and her project aporia is both visually striking and incredibly moving.  in greek, aporia means "coming to a dead end," or "impassable," which i think is a fitting title for the project.  she uses traditional neon signs to create phrases that speak about love and longing, but places them in quiet, isolated places, as if to send a meaningful message that nobody is there to receive.  i find them to be both beautiful and lonely at the same time.  see more from lee here