July 24, 2012

thank you!

a huge thanks to everyone that came out for the sf renegade craft fair this weekend!  for once it was actually a sunny july weekend and it seemed like there were more people than ever crowding into the fort mason warehouse.  and as always, thanks to those who stopped by the booth, chatted with me, and purchased new items.  i'll be posting about new work soon!  

July 2, 2012

a good day for a painting.

i have been keeping my eye out for a good vintage oil portrait for some time now, but you'd be surprised how hard it is to find the right one.  all the properly done, good-looking portraits are too expensive for my budget, and all the ones within my budget tend to have peculiar expressions or slight deformities of some kind (see here).  however i think i finally found my girl!  not only was she affordable (under $50!), but her fantastic 50s retro character, loose brushstrokes, and oversized bang curl won me over.  now she just needs a name ... betty sue?