December 20, 2011

in love ... with escif.

i'm in love with escif, a street artist based in valencia, spain, whose highly illustrative style puts him more into the category of mexican muralists than it does of classic graffiti.  his striking use of muted color, black space, composition, and repeating symbols and characters becomes so recognizable that his work itself becomes his tag.  no matter how big or small, his style undeniably comes through.  what i love most about his paintings are how simple and restrained they are while having such a powerful impact on the space in which they inhabit, each one evoking a mood that is open to interpretation by the viewer.  he has more amazing work than i can begin to cover here, so check out his full collection of paintings on his flickr page.  i'm dying to go to valencia now just to experience all of these in person! 

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