May 11, 2012

beauty is embarrassing.

i've been a fan of tennessee artist wayne white since i saw his work in miami several years back, although i suppose i was subconsciously a fan much earlier in life when i was obsessed with peewee's playhouse, a show for which he was the set and puppet designer.  throughout his career he has been successful in a number of fields including illustration, sculpture, film, comics, set design, and more recently, painting.  it was his word paintings that caught my eye years ago - i loved the way he imposed colorful sarcastic statements over traditional vintage landscapes - therefore i'm stoked that a documentary is being made about his very interesting life.  the film beauty is embarrassing, narrated by white himself, chronicles his life and work, as well as the highs and lows that come with pursuing art as a career. as somebody else who doesn't like to take things too seriously, i really appreciate his focus on making fine art fun.  can't wait to see it!  learn more about white here

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